I’m Daniel Abbey, a writer and creative director in Manila, Philippines.

I’m half-British, half-Filipino and have been living in the Philippines since my family immigrated here in ’89. Being uprooted from an industrialized first-world country and replanted in a rural, third-world location, just as I hit puberty - fun times. But, despite my struggles with the differences in culture, diet, and language, all while I was trying to figure out me, it was a childhood to remember.

So, welcome to Culture Shock, my little outlet to rant, rave, and share inane stories from my life as a British-Filipino.

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I’m half-British, half-Filipino. Meaning I drink tea with fish and rice, say “blimey”, and use a “tabo”. Follow my comedy of errors.


British-Filipino writer and artist, living in Manila, reminiscing the 80s and 90s. Wild times. Fun times.